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Export of goods

Export of goods to Russia

You are interested in the development of new sales channels, this offer is just for you!

In the context of the integration of enterprises into the world economy, it becomes necessary to create new and develop existing sales markets. One of the priority areas is the development of foreign markets, the establishment of foreign economic relations and the supply of goods for export.

IMKONEX company offers foreign companies a professional service for organizing and carrying out export deliveries to the Russian Federation. For you, we will carry out a complete analysis of the customs regime for importing goods and organize their delivery for export to Russia.
It is important to understand that there is no single program for the customs procedure for the export of goods, each product has its own characteristics related to the characteristics of the product, its scope, customs rules and restrictive measures. Risk prevention, high-quality analysis of the customs regime, correct execution of accompanying and customs documents, as well as the construction of logistics processes are our area of responsibility.
Company IMKONEKS has been supplying goods for export to Russia since 2009.
We provide professional services to foreign companies for the import of goods into the Russian Federation.
We will take care of all issues related to the export of goods to Russia, including negotiations and conclusion of a foreign trade contract and a supply agreement with a Russian company, calculation of customs value, foreign exchange transactions, logistics, certification of goods, payments of duties , dues and excise taxes, customs clearance and release of goods for free circulation, transfer of goods to the Russian consignee.
The IMKONEX company employs qualified specialists in the field of foreign economic activity and logistics, in our heritage there is a large number of completed projects.
Our service allows foreign companies to significantly reduce costs, make the cost of goods and the conditions for obtaining them more attractive for Russian companies, receive good income and free up time for conducting their main activities, easily carry out export supplies and develop the sales market for goods in Russia.
All responsibility for the export deliveries of goods to your Russian customers falls on us. All you need to do is prepare customs documents in your country and ship the goods to us.

Advantages of supplying goods for export to Russia with Kompany IMKONEX:

  • Time is the most important human resource
    The ability to supply your goods for export to Russia without being distracted by non-core tasks.
  • Saved = earned
    There are no additional costs for customs clearance of cargo, certification, logistics and other issues that often arise in the process of exporting goods to Russia. We have extensive experience in this area and can offer the best conditions.
  • Attractive conditions for receiving goods for Russian companies
    There are no constant checks by tax authorities, currency control and customs. Payment for the goods is made by the Russian company in national currency. We work in one jurisdiction.
  • Optimize and choose the best possible option!
    There is no need to open a legal entity in Russia, hire a staff of highly paid foreign trade specialists, buy expensive software, equipment and much more.
  • Promotion of products on the Russian market
    By mutual agreement, we can promote your products on the Russian market
  • Improve efficiency!
    We represent your interests on the territory of Russia, we consolidate cargoes, register and certify product samples and provide them to your Russian buyers
  • Export - no risks!
    We take full responsibility for the export delivery of goods to Russia. We work in the same jurisdiction with your Russian buyers.
  • Seven times measure, cut once.
    Extensive experience and professionalism in the field of foreign economic activity, logistics, allows us to solve any problems and avoid unforeseen costs and risks.
  • Fast customs clearance
    Short terms of customs clearance of goods in Russia.

The procedure for the export delivery of goods to Russia with the participation of IMKONEX companies:

Send us a request by phone, email or through the website. We determine the TN VED codes and the conditions for the import of goods into Russia
We conclude a foreign trade contract with you for the supply of goods, and with your Russian buyer a sales contract.
You send us an invoice for payment
We receive money from your Russian buyer and pay you the invoice.
You carry out customs clearance in your country and transfer the goods to our company by power of attorney.
The deal is closed for you. Next, we carry out customs clearance of the goods and transfer them to your Russian buyer.
Reducing all risks to zero, effectively promoting the development of your business, solving the most and complex tasks in foreign economic activity - this is our job!
*Integration (from lat. Integrationtio - "restoration", "replenishment", "connection") - the process of combining parts into a whole
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