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Welcome to the world of foreign trade operations!

The IMKONEX company carries out deliveries of goods to the CIS countries, Europe since 2007, during this time the company turned into group of the enterprises which are carrying out foreign trade deliveries worldwide.

We connect countries and make foreign trade easier!
IMKONEX company is the official exporter of the corporate partners, participants of various spheres of industrial and commercial industries of Russia, with qualified technicians and experienced foreign trade logistics operators, has its own representative office in Guangzhou (China) and warehouse of 1200 m2.

We work in the interests of our partners and only in the legal field.
During work we saved up unique experience of business in the sphere of foreign trade transactions, in an Arsenal of the company a large number of the executed projects, we don't stop on the reached and are ready to share these knowledge with you!

IMKONEX company offers, perhaps, the most valuable thing — to free your time.
Do you want to expand the scope of activities, to carry out export-import operations, to have its own Department of foreign economic activity but without encumbrances and extra costs, to develop the business without being distracted by non-core tasks? Or do you plan to build a business with Russia, buy products of Russian enterprises, consolidate cargo in one place, reduce costs and be confident in the integrity of suppliers? You don't happen to be on our website.

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